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Our Commitment

Content creation should be easy. It should be hassle-free. We are committed to creating the simplest content platform for you. We want to deliver top-quality content at a simple, affordable, value-driven price.

We aspire to build an authentic company where everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated, irrespective of gender, race, and religion. We want to make this experience of creating content a joy for you. We want to have fun and create a content platform built to cut the hype around content. Want content? We got it. Simple.

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Our Dreams, Desires, And Aspirations.

Creating great content

We don’t have Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 writers. We have excellent writers. Period. We support our writers with the right tools to create that quality content. And we do that with the right value for their services.

Creating awesome customer experiences

We like to make our clients happy. We may not succeed all the time. Sometimes, we fail. But we come back every day knowing that we can do better. We are building a platform that makes creating content easy and friendly. 

Creating joy

We want to make work a happy place. We have struggled our way through life, & spending 9 hours hating what we do is just not where we want to be. We like to create good content. We want to make our clients happy.  And we aspire for happiness, creating moments of joy through our workday. 

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Meet The LW Team

Smitha Murthy

Co-Founder & Director

Lives in Bangalore.

Smitha brings more than 18 years of content experience to her role as general anxiety-ridden warrior at LW. She was part of the early digital communication team at Bosch before setting up editorial processes at Infiniti Research. She’s an author, working on her second book, and doubles up as a terrific mentor (When in the mood).

Outside work, Smitha loves a good workout and can often be caught with a book, staring out of the window and wondering how life came to be. She loves a cup of tea and dreams of roads, walks, long runs, friendships while trying to practice kindness and mindfulness. Find her at LI and on her website.

Swati Nair

Co-Founder & Client Happiness Manager

Lives in Ireland

Swati spent a memorable 14+ years as a content writer and editor in companies like Automotive World, Egon Zehnder, and Thomas White with great fondness. She believes great content can accomplish great things for her clients.

When not at her workstation, Swati can be found racking miles on a long run or with her nose buried deep in yet another translated fiction. She loves to travel the world and enjoys a well-made cup of filter coffee. Presently, she delights in nurturing her newfound love for growing vegetables.

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