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For Businesses

There’s no room for plagiarism. It’s. Simply. Not. Done. We take the following steps to ensure that you get the cleanest content:

  1. We use premium software, which scans every piece of text against billions of pages online.
  2. We train our writers to cite sources properly and commit to writing authentic content at all times. 

Well, this depends on the complexity and length of the content. But to give you an estimate, we usually turn around a 1,000-word blog post in about five business days. 

You can choose to have us work on another content request at the same time too. Pace out your content however you like. Most of our blog subscriptions businesses like to receive one or two blog posts at a time so that they have time to go through and give feedback. 

We curate our writers. This means that we add a writer only after we have assessed them on varied parameters. This includes their portfolio, experience, LinkedIn posts, and standard tests. We ensure that our writers are professional, courteous, and keep our values of communication at all times. 

Over these last few years in the content business, we learned that most businesses get excited about a new website. They plan many things, but somewhere down the line, they forget to execute most of those plans. They get busy with ‘product launches’ or nifty things to do with code. Their snazzy website lies there sad and forlorn with an abandoned blog. 

Our flexible subscription model allows you to buy as many words as you want to keep that blog or website alive. It helps keep the content flowing through the year.

Happens! Just let us know a little in advance that you would like to pause your subscription for a while. Take that vacation or lounge with a book. Come back to us when you are ready next month! 

No. We don’t, as a rule, give free samples. We can show you our portfolio or give you already existing samples from work done with previous clients.

Most kinds! Check our Content Types for more on that. We usually write blog posts, website copy, create video scripts, landing pages, and product descriptions. What we don’t do:

  • HR manuals
  • Academic papers

We sure can! We keep a pretty cool bunch of editors with us for that purpose! We can edit anything for you with reasonable timelines. 

For Writers

Come! Join us! We don’t offer rates upfront because it depends on the skills you bring and the experience. But we promise that we never pay our writers in terms of miserable “paise” rates. We try to pay our writers fairly, which means we try to set our standards to nothing less than Re 1 or Re 2 where possible as the basic starting rate. 

Invoice us once your project is complete. We process all payments within 15 days, irrespective of whether the client has paid us or not. GooglePay, AmazonPay, or Bank Transfer works.

Yes! How else are we all going to improve? We still forget our Oxford commas. Sigh. All writers are periodically assessed using our in-house rating mechanism and client feedback. Our mechanism depends on several factors, which include: 

- Overall communication

- Adherence to deadlines

- Client feedback

- Flexibility

- Quality

Check with us after you have worked for a while on some projects. We will share our ratings with you.

Hey! We are not a gig site, nor are we a content marketplace. We are a content platform that connects great writers with amazing businesses. We are making content writing easier with our upcoming dashboard. We don’t hire 10,000 writers. We work only with a chosen few. We are choosy about our clients too. We don’t work on “article spinners” or “bulk articles” that offer ridiculous rates. 

Apart from that, here’s how we are different:

-  We pay fair. 

-  We give you interesting topics and projects.

-  We don’t make you work on weekends. 

-  We value you. 

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