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At LW, we value diversity and inclusivity. We believe that not all education is formal. We don’t want to show off degrees. We like to showcase talent. So, we have a bunch of writers who write well. And isn’t that what matters? Whatever your industry, whatever your style, our writers have you covered.

We are constantly expanding our team, but we want you to be friends with some of our content rockstars.

Our Team

Meet Our Writers

Sheba D

Fitness Trainer. Entrepreneur. Weightlifting Champ. Writer.

Sheba fits into many roles. With more than 20 years of writing and digital marketing experience behind her, Sheba supports LW with technology-heavy writing. She knows her technical manuals and can spin words even while deadlifting 200 pounds with ease. Sheba has worked with some of our clients such as Mactec and RV Tech, earning rave reviews from them.

Industries: Technology, IT, Digital Marketing, Gaming

Tashefa S

Avid Reader. Daydreamer. Casual Otaku. Foodie

Tashefa’s penchant for learning about everything old, new, wild, and ordinary led her down the path of content writing. She loves updating herself on persuasion techniques and frameworks that help businesses create content and copy that drives engagement and results. Currently, Tashefa weaves crisp and engaging content for LW’s clients.

Industries: Pets, SaaS, Healthcare, and Food/Nutrition

Debanjan S

As a freelance content consultant, Debanjan has less than four years of experience. But in these four years, he has provided web content, social media content, and ghost blogs for Walkwater Talent Advisors, Relevance Asia, FocusU Engage, Neil Patel Digital, Visualyze, and others, before he joined us. Before that, he had close to 18 years of corporate experience with the Aditya Birla group, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and IBM. This varied experience, coupled with his way with words, helps him create content for technology, banking, and several things in between. His quirky sense of humor does help iron out what he calls the ‘yawning gaps of knowledge.’

Industries: Banking, IT, Financial Services

Devanshee D

Dancer. Cosmos Learner. Writer

Devanshee has 4+ years of experience writing content on finance and the economy, allowing her to have a strong black hole-like gravitational pull over her subject matters. She is a finance enthusiast and has completed her Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. She has worked as a journalist in a local business newspaper, multiple start-ups, and finance and economy-related online media houses. In her spare time, she likes to dance. She also avidly enjoys fueling her curiosity about astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and anything that can expand her knowledge from the Big Bang to the big crunch; the same reflects in her writing.

Industries: Finance, Fintech, Economy

Chaithra MJ


Chaithra started her journey as a writer back when she was 8 years old, penning down poems and musings as birthday/anniversary gifts which eventually lead her into using writing as a form of expression. In her journey of exploration, she got into Software development, worked in the IT industry where she was a software developer in the day and writer at night. She eventually ventured into personal development, which gave vision and clarity on how she wanted to grow in life, thus, finding her way back to her first love - writing. She is a freelance content writer, poet, singer, and chess enthusiast. Music, Philosophy, Mindfulness, Thrillers, and Satirical humor are her jams.

Industries – Technology, Marketing, Self-help.

Nikitha Warrier

Nikitha Warriar

Writer. Dancer. Learner.

After a short stint as a software engineer in an IT firm, she decided to go back to her first love - writing. She considers this as one of the best decisions of her life as today there's nothing she loves more than deconstructing a brief and spending time to come up with the right words.While her agency experience gave her exposure to writing for multiple sectors, her heart lies in topics related to women, mental health, career development, and employee well-being. If she's not staring at the blank Google doc waiting for inspiration to strike, you'll either find her lost in a book or practising for her next dance routine!

Industries: Women Empowerment, Mental Health Awareness, Personal Development, Travel, Lifestyle, Parenting, Entertainment

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