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Don’t Let Content Slow You Down

Get the right content to the right people, right when it’s needed. We get it. Content is expensive. Content is time-consuming. Content is a hassle. It need not be. Content can and should be revenue-generating.

How it works

LW’s Approach

Why struggle with mediocre freelance writers or hire expensive in-house ones? We hit the right note with our curated approach. We offer unique writing styles and handpicked writers who provide you with dramatically better content when you need it, how you need it. We are building technology into our processes to make this as efficient as possible for you. And we ensure that you get great quality each time because we follow the same efficient processes ourselves. Here’s how:

1. We Choose Curated Writers

We have been saying curated for a while now. What does that even mean? It means that we work with writers who only come with the highest standards.

  • We hold them accountable for their professionalism and top-notch writing skills.
  • Not all who apply become LW writers. We trust only a selected few. LW is not a marketplace where it’s a lottery for you to get the right writer from 35,000+ writers. 
  • We conduct random and strategic QA for all our projects.
  • Periodic upskilling training for our writers keeps our standards high.

2. We Offer Flexible, Subscription-based Pricing

We offer simple, easy, and flexible subscription options to ensure that you have a steady stream of content.

  • We offer you the option to choose how much content you want. Choose a subscription model that fits your needs, and you are on your way!
  • We keep the content, leaving you free to focus on building your business. 
  • Subscriptions carry credits that you can carry over, and you can cancel anytime!

3. We Offer Managed Services

  • Sometimes, you may have specific requirements that may not fit into our subscription model. 
  • We offer custom pricing for individual projects such as website copywriting.
  • Managed services come with a dedicated team of writers and an account manager.
  • End-to-end project management until we sign off!

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