Let us tell you a story...

Once upon a time, there were two girls named Swati and Smitha. They lived in the vibrant city of Bangalore.

In 2015, like everyone else, they worked regular corporate jobs. They were also best friends who loved to write, travel, read, and dream about having an ice-cream every day (without the consequences, of course).

SM (as she likes to call herself) had already worked the corporate rounds for almost 14 years, managed a team of 40 editors, read a lot of serious books, and had even coauthored a book.She had also started developing a strong liking for tea (greens, blacks, reds, and whites) and fitness (forgetting the ice-cream every day).

A Story of life...

Swati had worked for a little over 12 years, developed new content ideas, helped hire senior executives for big companies she did not dream of working for, written incisive reviews for every book she read (and that’s a lot), and photographed as many little ladybugs (among other little things on the ground) she could find through her lens

The girls did a fair bit of traveling together, and even took a break from work to live in China for a semester, learning Mandarin. They finished their sojourn with a month-long road trip along the frontiers of the country. They sighed when it came to an end. “What if we could just do what we loved all the time? Read, write, travel”

But life went along.
Until one

Our Journey so far...

One day, one of their friends came running to them. “Guys, I need help! Please, write the website text for this new brand my company is launching. Only you can write the way they want it and you will get paid for doing what you already love to do!”
Swati and SM looked at each other. Shrugged. “Ok,” we said. That brand was the Four Seasons Vineyards. A part of the UB Group.
The girls worked hard. SM visited the winery to get “into the skin” of the story. They collaborated with the website designers and shaped the content accordingly. They developed a character for the brand and wove a story to bring the character alive and UB loved it.
Swati and SM loved this work. They loved the feeling of working together. And being on their own. The freedom to take a walk in the sun for a few minutes, when they felt like it. The freedom to choose what they wanted to do.
They decided to do just that. So, much to their parents’ consternation, they quit their jobs, and the comfort of a steady salary to start Trippin Traveller, a curated travel marketplace, and later, the boutique content firm, LifeWordsmith.
It wasn’t long before they got their next client. And the next. Over the next few years, more people, our clients, enriched this story. Startups. SMEs. Digital agencies.
Today, they have accomplished so much more. SM walked the 800- kilometer length of the Camino, ran her first marathon, completed the first draft of her second book, and learnt how to distinguish a full flush tea from an oolong. Swati ran her first halfmarathon, discovered she loved doing translations, edited a book manuscript that’s slated for publication soon, and fell in love with boxing workouts.

How our script won an Award for
Tvs motors

Our story is all about challenges. TVS Motors needed a compelling video script to showcase their media and influencer campaign efforts for entry in the prestigious Fulcrum Awards for PR professionals.

Great, right? Except, the script had to be completed within one day! This was a test for not just TVS but for LifeWordsmith and their digital media partner Tingg Creations as well.

But LifeWordsmith loves these tests! We researched, read, compared,
watched everything we could to write the perfect script. We wrote a script that brimmed with energy, the palpable excitement of racing, and highlighted the skills of the TVS PR team.

We waited with bated breath as the day of the Fulcrum Award
announcements drew close…

And TVS Won! Not the Bronze or the Silver but Gold! Well worth all those caffeine shots and the bleary eyes!
Campaign Title​
Entrant Name
Inspiring Aspiration with TVS Apache
Roads That Honk
The Orange Day

Roof and floor (The Hindu Group) Collaborates with lifewordsmith to build n impactful communication strategy

The worry was palpable at Roof and Floor (RaF), the digital real estate arm of TheHindu Group when SM reached their offices. Their goal was clear – they needed to capture the attention of a very diverse audience in a saturated real estate market. 

They needed direction. Content. Community. Commerce. That was their motto. But the Content had been forgotten.

Enter LifeWordsmith. Long meetings and numerous discussions followed. We hammered down the key messages and built a communication strategy.

We devised a content marketing plan to go with this. We topped off the plan by making a content and social media calendar.

RaF implemented our plans, testing out our strategies. Within a span of three months, the results began to show. Responses to posts, increased likes and shares, and questions about what RaF had to offer flowed. RaF expanded their portfolio of offerings and services as they let their audience reimagine the home buying experience, creating a shift in vision.

The real results? Staff at RaF reduced their worry lines by about 6 per day, the number of grey hairs by a few hundreds per week, and increased smiles by the hour.

Some of our Clients

We have worked with United Breweries and BharatBenz and medium-size companies like Phoenix Water Filters. And then, we have start-ups like Wagr, Vymo and Upstox, NGOs like the Ashwini Angadi Trust and headhunting firms like TLI Knowledge. We are also proud to have Kalaari Capital with us, among other prestigious clients. From technology to automotive to retail, we have covered a wide range of industries and topics.

Some more sample

A select few samples of B2B content we have done across domains.

Corporate video script

Blog posts

Product descriptions


The story Continues...

Today, LifeWordsmith has come a long way from where we were.
But we still have a ways to go too. We continue to

To work with some of the best clients in the world
(yes, we really like our clients)

To explore the intricacies of grammar

To write scripts within days and taglines within hours

To erase worry lines and draw the widest smiles…

Partner with us for your content and you can smile too 🙂

Write your story with us...

We all have a story to share. A compelling narrative we want to
make known. We are here to make your story.